Selected Media


Is Ignorance a Virtue in a Media-Saturated Age? (podcast on ABC Radio program Minefield)

(w/Philip Gerrans) (2017) Virtual Citizenship for Refugees: A Proposal

Ethics in International Affairs Online

(w/Philip Gerrans) (2016) Refugistan: how a virtual state might alleviate the refugee crisis

Sydney Morning Herald, Policy Forum

(2015) Is Downloading Really Stealing? The Ethics of Digital PiracyThe Conversation

(w/Kate Macdonald), (2015) Modern Slavery and the Responsibilities of the ConsumerOpen aDemocracy

(w/H. Lawford-Smith), (2014) Critics Pour Cold Water on the Ice-Bucket Challenge: Are they Right?The Conversation

(w/C. Emerson), (2014) Chronic Inequality, Emmo Forum (Vodcast)

(2011) Global Poverty and the Obligations of Rich Countries: A conversation at The New School in New York City (Vodcast)

(w/M. Peterson), (2009) Shallow Cuts: GSK's Voluntary Price Reductions and Patent Pooling are Not EnoughPolicy Innovations

(w/M. Peterson), (2008) The G-20's Global Hit-and-RunPolicy Innovations

(w/S. Reddy), (2007) Alternative Ways to Link Trade and Labour StandardsFinancial Times

(w/S. Reddy), (2006) The False Dilemma of the SweatshopFinancial Times

(w/S. Reddy), (2005) Promoting Poorer Countries Interest in the Global Trading SystemEconomic Times


Public Ethics Radio


(e/M. Peterson), (2008-2013) Public Ethics Radio (25 Podcast Episodes)