Ph.D (2005) Columbia University (Department of Philosophy).

Areas of Specialisation

Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Applied Ethics


Recent Employment

2016-               Professor of Philosophy, Research School of the Social Sciences (RSSS), Australian National University (ANU)

2015-2017       Head, School of Philosophy, RSSS, ANU

2012-2015       Director of the Centre for Moral, Social, and Political Theory & Associate Professor of Philosophy, RSSS, ANU 

2011-2014       Deputy Director, Research School of the Social Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, RSSS, ANU

2008-2011       Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE), School of Philosophy, ANU

2007-2008       Research Fellow, CAPPE, and Lecturer, School of Philosophy, ANU

2006-2007       Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin

2003-2005 .     Senior Program Officer (Justice & the World Economy), Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs 

Research Grants

2018-2020      Australian Research Council (Discovery Project):Ethics, Responsibility and the Carbon Budget (w/ J.Broome, G.Cullity, and J. Moss)

2014-2017       Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): The Ethical Responsibilities of Consumers (w/K. Macdonald and R. Goodin)

2013-2016       Norwegian Research Council: Innocently Benefitting from Injustice (w/G. Øverland and R. Huseby)

2011-2014       Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): Benefitting from Injustice (w/R. Goodin, G. Øverland and L. Ypi)

2011-2014       Norwegian Research Council: Who owns it? (with G. Øverland)

2010-2015       Norwegian Research Council: Responding to Global Poverty: What the Affluent Ought to do and what the Poor are Permitted to do” (with G. Øverland)

2009-2011       Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): The Responsibilities of the Affluent to Address Global Poverty (with/G. Øverland and T. Pogge)

2005-2007       Ford Foundation: The Ethics of Debt (w/B. Herman and M. Cohen)



2014-2017       Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award, Australian Research Council

2011-2014       Global Ethics Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

2009-2010       Leverhulme Visiting Fellowship



2005                Ph.D, Department of Philosophy, Columbia University



2016                (w/G. Øverland), The Responsibilities of the Affluent: Harm, Agency, and Responsibility (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016)

2008                (w/S. Reddy), International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (New York: Columbia University Press, 2008)

(w/K. Macdonald), Ethics for Consumers (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Under Contract)

Peer-Reviewed Articles  

Forthcoming (w/Kate Macdonald) Ethical Consumerism: A Defense of Market Vigilantism Philosophy & Public Affairs

Forthcoming Harm, Responsibility, and Enforceability) Ethics & Global Politics

2018 Material Contribution, Responsibility, and Liability Journal of Moral Philosophy

2018 (w/L.Ferracioli) On the Rights of Temporary Migrants Journal of Legal Studies

2017  w/G. Øverland), Who owns it? Three arguments for land claims in Latin America ) Revista de Ciencia Política

2017                (w/R.J.Leland), Do Parental Licensing Schemes Violate the Rights of Biological Parents? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

2017                (w/M. Lindauer), Moral Judgment and the Duties of Innocent Beneficiaries of Injustice Review of Philosophy and Psychology,

2016                (w/P. Tomlin), Moral uncertainty and permissibility: Evaluating Option Sets Canadian Journal of Philosophy

2016                (w/R. Kirby), Skepticism about Beneficiary Pays: A Critique Journal of Applied Philosophy

2016                (w/D. Wiens), Benefiting from Injustice and Sustaining Wrongful Journal of Moral Philosophy

2015                (w/L. Ferracioli), Can Withdrawing Citizenship be Justified? Political Studies

2014                The Regulation of Harm in International Trade Canadian Journal of Philosophy

2014                (w/R. Goodin), Benefiting from the Wrong-doing of Others Journal of Applied Philosophy

2014                (w/M. Lindauer and G. Øverland), Doing, Allowing, and Enabling Harm: An Empirical Investigation Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy

2014                (w/G. Øverland), The Implications of Failing to Assist Social Theory and Practice

2013                (w/L. Ferracioli), Review Essay: Young on Liability and Responsibility Criminal Justice Ethics

2012                (w/G. Øverland), Are Trade Tariffs and Subsidies Killing the Global Poor? Social Research

2012                (w/G. Øverland), The Feasible Alternatives Thesis: Kicking Away the Livelihoods of the Global Poor Politics, Philosophy and Economics

2012                (w/G. Øverland), How Much for the Child? Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

2012                Local Priorities, Universal Priorities, and Enabling Harm Ethics and International Affairs

2012                (w/J. Pickering), On the Concept of Climate Debt: its Moral and Political Value Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy  

2011                Review Essay: A Challenge to the Reigning Theory of the Just War International Affairs  

2011                Immigration and Global Justice Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric  

2011                Sovereign Debt, Human Rights, and Policy Conditionality Journal of Political Philosophy  

2011                (w/G. Øverland), Do Democratic Societies Have a Right to Do Wrong? Journal of Social Philosophy  

2011                (w/N. Southwood) What is Special About Human Rights? Ethics & International Affairs  

2010                (w/G. Øverland), Why Remittances to Poor Countries Should not be Taxed NYU Journal of International Law and Politics  

2009                (w/L. Ypi and R. Goodin), Associative Duties, Global Justice, and the Colonies Philosophy & Public Affairs  

2009                (w/G. Øverland), Review Essay: Responding to Global Poverty Journal of Bioethical Inquiry  

2009                (w/L. Valentini, Egalitarian Challenges to Global Egalitarianism: A Critique Review of International Studies  

2009                (w/P. Gilabert), Review Essay: Does Global Egalitarianism Provide an Impractical and Unattractive Ideal of Justice? International Affairs  

2006                (w/L. Tomitova), Fairness in Sovereign Debt Social Research

2006                Is Global Institutional Reform a False Promise? Cornell International Law Journal

2006                (w/S. Reddy) International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage Cornell International Law Journal

2005                Applying the Contribution Principle Metaphilosophy

2002                (w/K. Raworth), Access to Medicines and the Rhetoric of Responsibility Ethics & International Affairs

2002                The Ethical Assessment of New Technologies (2002) Journal of Human Development and Capabilities


Refereed Book Chapters

Forthcoming (w/Holly Lawford-Smith), On Satisfying Duties to Assist In Hilary Greaves and Theron Pummer eds. Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues

Forthcoming    (w/D. Wiens), What Second Best Scenarious Reveal about Ideals of Global Justice In Thom Brooks (ed.) The Oxford Handbook to Global Justice (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

2018    International Political Theory Meets International Public Policy In Chris Brown and Robyn Eckersley (eds.) The Oxford Handbook for International Political Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

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2016                (w/G. Øverland), Individual Responsibility for Carbon Emissions: Is there anything wrong with overdetermining harm? In Jeremy Moss (ed.), Climate Change and Justice(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

2016                (w/K. Macdonald), How Should We Conceive of Individual Consumer Responsibility to Address Labour Injustices in Yossi Dahan, Hanna Lerner & Faina Milman-Sivan (eds.), Global Justice and International Labour Rights. (New York: Cambridge University Press)

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2004                Redistribution in E. Zalta (ed.) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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2003                Education and Standards of Living in R. Curren (ed.) A Companion to the Philosophy of Education (Malden, Blackwell, 2003)

Edited Books

2012                (w/H. Lawford-Smith), Global Justice (Surrey: Ashgate Publishing)

2011                (w/N. Dobos and T. Pogge), Global Financial Crisis: The Ethical Issues (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)

2009                (w/J. Rosenthal), Ethics and International Affairs: A Reader (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press)

2007                (w/B. Herman and L. Tomitova), Dealing Fairly with Developing Country Debt (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing)

2005                (w/T. Pogge), Global Institutions and Responsibilities: Achieving Global Justice (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing)


Selected Academic Service


2016-               Chair, Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee, ANU

2012-2014       Convenor, Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

2012                Chair, Visiting Fellows Committee, RSSS

2012               Preparation of Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Submission (ANU Philosophy)

2009-2011       Deputy Director, CAPPE

2009-2011       Convenor, Honours in Philosophy

2010                Preparation of Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Submission (ANU Philosophy)

2009-2011       Convenor, Honours in Philosophy

2008-2010       Program Director, Business and Professional Ethics, CAPPE


Selected Professional Service

Current            Co-Editor of Journal of Political Philosophy, Associate Editor of Journal of Moral Philosophy, Associate Editor (moral and political philosophy) of Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Editorial Board Member Ethics & International AffairsJournal of Human Development and Capabilities, International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Board Member, International Center for Corporate Accountability

Past                  Editor of Ethics & International Affairs, Editorial Board Member of Journal of International Political Theory, Associate Editor, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

Selected Media

2017                (w/Philip Gerrans) Virtual Citizenship for Refugees: A Proposal Ethics in International Affairs Online

2016                (w/Philip Gerrans) Refugistan: how a virtual state might alleviate the refugee crisis Sydney Morning Herald, Policy Forum

2015                Is Downloading Really Stealing? The Ethics of Digital Piracy, The Conversation

2015                (w/Kate Macdonald), Modern Slavery and the Responsibilities of the Consumer Open Democracy

2014                (w/H. Lawford-Smith), Critics Pour Cold Water on the Ice-Bucket Challenge: Are they Right? The Conversation

2014                (w/C. Emerson), Chronic Inequality Emmo Forum (Vodcast)

2008-2013       (w/M. Peterson), Public Ethics Radio (25 Podcast Episodes)

2009                (w/M. Peterson), Shallow Cuts: GSK's Voluntary Price Reductions and Patent Pooling are Not Enough Policy Innovations

2008                (w/M. Peterson), The G-20’s Global Hit-and-Run Policy Innovations

2007                (w/S. Reddy), Alternative Ways to Link Trade and Labour Standards Financial Times

2006                (w/S. Reddy), The False Dilemma of the Sweatshop Financial Times

2005                (w/S. Reddy), Promoting Poorer Countries Interest in the Global Trading System Economic Times

Book Reviews

2014                On Global Justice, By Mathias Risse Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2009                Deliberative Democracy and the Institutions of Judicial Review, By Christopher F. Zurn, Ethics

2007                The Ethics of Assistance, ed. Deen Chatterjee Ethics

2007                Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution, eds. Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein Perspectives on Politics

2007                The New Riddle of Constitutions, By Susan Marks Ethics

2001                Boundaries and Allegiances, By Samuel Scheffler Ethics & International Affairs

2001                Bounds of Justice, By Onora O’Neill Ethics & International Affairs


PhD Completions Supervised

Luara Ferracioli: Morality in Migration (Chair); Joanne Lau: Political Obligation and the Civil Dead (Chair); Alejandra Mancilla: A Cosmopolitan Right of Necessity (Panel); Rosa Terlazzo: Adaptive Preferences and Children's Options (Panel); Stephanie Collins: The Scope of Dependence-Based Duties (Panel); John Harrington: The Failure To Constrain Corporate Social Injury: The State, the Stakeholder and the Fiduciary (Chair); Jonathan Pickering: Fair Climate Policy in an Unequal World: Characterising Responsibilities and Designing Institutions for National Mitigation and International Finance (Chair), Robert Kirby: The Beneficiary Pays Principle and Climate Change (Chair)


MA Completions Supervised

Christine Winter, Fei Song


Honours Completions Supervised

Susan Pennings, Andrew Rutledge, John Horan, Fiona Song, Jackson St. George, Vanessa de Kauwe, Liam Ryan


Current PhD Students

Susan Pennings (Chair); Kirsten Mann (Chair); Shang Yeo (Chair); Chad Lee-Stronach (Panel); Max Fedeoseev (Panel); Kerrie O'Rourke (Panel)