Research Grants


2014 – 2017    Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): The Ethical Responsibilities of Consumers (w/K. Macdonald and R. Goodin)

2013 – 2016    Norwegian Research Council: Innocently Benefitting from Injustice (w/G. Øverland and R. Huseby)

2011 – 2014    Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): Benefitting from Injustice (w/R. Goodin, G. Øverland and L. Ypi)

2011 – 2014    Norwegian Research Council: Who owns it? (with G. Øverland)

2010 – 2015    Norwegian Research Council: Responding to Global Poverty: What the Affluent Ought to do and what the Poor are Permitted to do” (with G. Øverland)

2009 – 2011    Australian Research Council (Discovery Project): The Responsibilities of the Affluent to Address Global Poverty (with/G. Øverland and T. Pogge)

2005 – 2007    Ford Foundation: The Ethics of Debt (w/B. Herman and M. Cohen)